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Vivien Carmichael

OK, now I am awesome at embedding images inside the marker with the text (except would like to be able to move it around in there).  I don't quite understand the trigger thing as well. 

I have several markers on the same slide which will not be clicked in a pre-determined sequence.  Each marker has a related image that I hope to have display when that marker is clicked.  I need the images to go away, to make way for the next marker/image, no matter which marker is clicked next, or if the Next button is clicked.  Users will not be clicking on the images, only the markers.

Harri C

Hi Vivien,

I'm not sure I understand the issue you're encountering with having one embedded  image in a marker showing at a time as markers are automatically designed to close once another marker is clicked.

Would you be able to upload the file or a sample file using the same functionality as it might make more sense to me if I can see it.