Creating an editable text area

Is there a way of making an editable text area, so that users can make corrections to a given text or replace multiple 'gaps' with the appropriate words.

I have tried doing it with Text Entry and changing the Default Value to the given text, but have an issue when I go to Preview that the entire text gets highlighted (black) and therefore I can't edit individual words.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jorinde,

Unfortunately I don't know of a way that you could set it up to edit the text. What you could do is include a section of text and then a text entry area where the user would have to type in the text as a whole with their corrections. If there are particular corrections that will need to be made, you could also set something up with a drag and drop - so for example the slide may offer directions like, "Replace the misspelled word with the correct spelling: Spring is just around the corner and will be here before you no it! " The word no could be highlighted or not - and then you'd have a few dragable items in their own boxes that are "know" "knew" "now" or so on. 

If you have something a bit more involved it may be helpful to share that slide here or even an image so that the community can have a better understanding of your set up.