Creating custom lightbox menu for variable navigation


I am have created two custom lightbox menus as I have a lot of variable navigation in my training so the standard menu will not work.  I have placed a menu button in the slide master.  When the menu option is clicked it opens a lightbox for either the learner menu or the manager menu based on the role selection the user made at the beginning of the training (this is working well).

I also have a second set of variables based on the particular group a user is in so users will see information that pertains only to their group.  The variables for these are also working well within the training itself however they are not working when I try to include the variables for the buttons within the lightbox menus.  

The buttons for the navigation to slides that can be seen by all users doing the training (ie the ones without variables) are working well within the menus - when the button is clicked it jumps to the required slide.  

For the ones with the variable navigation, I have created 4 triggers for each button, one to close the lightbox when the button is clicked, and then a separate trigger with the required variable for each of the three groups.   However when I preview the entire project and click on the buttons with the variables it will not work.   I cannot work out what I am doing wrong.  The triggers have the same settings as for the variable navigation I have set up within the training itself so feel it should be working or is there something inherent in the software that restricts this sort of navigation within a lightbox?  

Can anyone offer advice as to my best course of action to get this to work as required. 

With thanks


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Cath P

Hi Christie

I think it is the lightbox trigger itself.  No matter what I try using a lightbox for the menu the functionality is so sporadic.  If the trigger is the first one at the top of the trigger list for the button it works, however if it is second or third options dependent on what you select prior to this, seems to affect it whether it will jump to the slide.  Most times it will not do anything just stay on same slide as when you opened the menu.  

I have changed the trigger to just jump straight to the required menu slide (learner or manager menu i.e. not a lightbox trigger) and now when I click the variable button within either of the menus, it works perfectly every time.  Such a shame though, as the lightbox looked so much better, especially as it allows the user to remain in the same section as when they opened the menu, but just don't have any more time to fiddle with it. 

If anyone has any other feedback as to how to get the lightbox menu with variable navigation to work that would be great.


Cath P

Just further to this,  I also tried putting the lightbox trigger in the player to see if this would work (at least for one - no idea how to get it to differentiate between the two role menus), but still no go even for one.

From the posts I have read it looks like there are some known issues with variables and lightboxes so looks like I will just need to stick to the simpler approach.