Creating drop down questions

Hi All,

I'm new to Storyline 360, and I am wanting to create drop down style questions - where I have a question: e.g. What is your favourite animal, and a drop down list of 5 animals and they need to choose one.

I've found a few examples of what I want, but can't see how to get started.  

What Quiz slide type should I start with and anything else I need to know? 



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Jerry Beaucaire

Since this doesn't exist as a question type, you would have to fake it using layers.

  1. Write your question in the base layer and insert a "pickone" kind of square shape with a down arrow to indicate it is a drop down.
  2. Add a layer
  3. In the layer add your list of animals in boxes of their own positioned to appear below the "pickone" box on the base layer.
  4. Add hover states to all the animal boxes so they look different as the mouse moves over them
  5. Back on the base layer, add a trigger to display the layer when the mouse clicks on the PICKONE.
  6. Back on the layer, add some triggers to do something when each animal is selected.  You could animate a dog flying in on the base layer, for example.

One idea...

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Julie and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

As Jerry mentioned, there are multiple ways to do things within Storyline.

The method Jerry describes allows the interaction you want, but it sounds like there is no 'correct' answer.

Can you share a bit more about what you would like to accomplish? Perhaps the community can share some additional design ideas.