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Keith Freeman

So I've had a lot of requests for the code created to get scores from Storyline to a LEADERBOARD on a Wordpress page. I apologize it's taken me so long to post it. I worked with a talented programmer named Matthew Hewes to get this created and he is willing to share his code. So here it is....Have Fun. Be sure to leave him a comment of thanks.

Articulate/StorylineJavascript Code


PHPWordpress Page Template for Receiving & Displaying Results




Jay Yearley

Thanks Keith!  This is an interesting example of gamification of E-learning.

It's an interesting idea.

Just curious. Has anyone been able to replicate the Leaderboard, and the score system from the E-learning game?

Generally I'd consider myself pretty knowledgeable of triggers, Javascript, Wordpress (setting page templates), and even mySQL databases and creating tables. Even went through the process of all of those, and republished the game with the Javascript trigger code (with modified URL to account for the new wordpress page)  - in an attempt to see how the process all works.  After clicking the Submit button though (to submit score and the other variables), it doesn't seem to forward to the URL/Wordpress page (page which is set with the using the 'page-leaderboard.php' template.

Anyone able to offer any suggestions?