Creating gap fill questions


I just wondered if there is any way to create gap fill questions in storyline which enables the user to drag and drop the correct word into the correct space. I know there are 'word bank' and 'drag and drop' quiz options, but I can't seem to make these work in the way that I want to.

There may no be this functionality, but I wanted to check before moving on.

Many thanks

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Rachel!

I like this idea! You should be able to create something like this pretty quickly, actually. I would suggest using a freeform Drag-and-Drop interaction for it. 

For example, you could line up your initial text on the slide with text boxes. Create a shape and add the "missing" text to it. You can change the transparency of the object and/or outline, if you want users to only see the letters. You could do this by using a shape for the drop target, as well.

Would something like this work for you?

Example for Rachel

I'm also attaching the example file, just in case you want to take a look.

I know it's a quick example, nothing fancy, but hopefully it'll help get you started.

Thanks and good luck!

jyothi sita

Hi Christine,

We have developed a iPad compatible course and uploaded it on our ftp server to test it on iPad.

When we checking the course on iPad then it is taking a default template regardless of our customized course template. Even we are not able to see Resources, Glossary and Exit buttons because of default template it seems.

Is there any way to display the course with our customized color cheme/ template?

Will appreciate your response and help!



Christine Hendrickson


Awesome! So glad to hear it :)


Sounds a bit odd. Does the same thing happen if you view the published and uploaded course on a PC? 

If so, something may be wrong with the file. Please try importing the slides from the original project into a new, blank Storyline project. After importing, please try republishing, uploading and test the course on your PC and iPad. 

For information on importing from a project into a new one, please take a look at the following article:

Importing from Another Storyline Project

If that doesn't help, please make sure you're publishing with the most recent version of Storyline. To find this information, click on "Help" and "About Articulate Storyline".

If you're not running version 3 (1305.2012), please download and install the update using the link below:

Articulate - Storyline Update 3

Once you've finished installing the update, please republish and test your course on the iPad. If the problem continues after installing the update, or if you already have Update 3 installed, please let me know.

Thanks very much!


jyothi sita

Hi Christine,

Thank you so much for the prompt response.

I have published the course for iPad in Storyline Update 3 and tested the course again on iPad but no luck. Still i am not getting my course template with Resources, Glossary, Menu and Exit buttons. I think iPad is taking its own templatewhen the course is launched.

I'm also attaching the screenshot for your reference.

Thanks in advance for your help..!



Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jyothi,

In all honestly, the iPad would have no way to apply any type of player to the course. I could see this happening if you uploaded an updated version over another that didn't have the additional player elements - in which case you'd want to clear the cache or delete the content from the library. 

Can you share the project .STORY file here, please? I can try publishing and testing the file on my end to see what may be causing the problem. 

Thanks again!

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jyothi. I hope you're doing well! :)

You may be able to run the courses on those devices, but they are not currently supported. I've seen some posts from community members that have been able to get their courses running on iPhones, etc., but very very few comments on Blackberry devices. 

Right now the only supported mobile device is the iPad. If you'd like to use the course on the other devices, it might be a good idea to start a new thread with "iPhone" and "Blackberry" in the topic and see if you can get some suggestions from community members that have successfully published for those devices.

I wish you the best of luck with the projects, Jyothi!

Have a great day :)