Creating individual feedback for every incorrect response on a multiple response quiz?

Hi everyone,

I've created a multiple response quiz with 10 choices (only 4 of them being correct). I would like for some kind of feedback to pop up every time a student makes an incorrect choice that explains why that answer is incorrect. Is there a way to do this?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jon!

With your built-in options, feedback by choice is only available with certain question types.

By choice: This lets you show different feedback for each answer choice. This option is only available for some question types, including Multiple Choice, Word Bank, Pick One, Which Word, Freeform Pick One, and Freeform Hotspot.

You could manually build in layers for feedback that our triggered by responses or just stick to the standard feedback layers and utilize the Try Again layer to have the user keep going for x number of tries.

Sherri West


I have to develop a quiz with multiple answers that require multiple responses.  For example, if user clicks A, B and D, they receive a response specific to those answers.  If the user clicks C and D, they receive a response specific to those answers, etc.  Do you have any suggestions for how I might go about this in Storyline?