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I'm very new to Storyline... but I like it very much.  I'm wondering if there is a way to create a journal type entry that students can then save to their computers.  My whole course is a building set of questions and exercises and I'd like for people to be able to fill in the information as they go to build and populate a document.  My plan for right now is to have a link to a Word document. 


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Adrian Dean

Hi Judith,

Welcome to Heroes. Take a look at this thread. It's very similar to what you want. It deals with the report.html file.

Here is a knowledge base article that shows you how the text output on that report.html file will look like.

Here is another article dealing with what you want, but it's for Quizmaker. Similar setup though.

Always Happy to Help,


Here is another thread that I am posting here just for linking purposes.