Creating Layers Tutorial Not Working for me

Feb 04, 2013

I'm trying to follow along on the tutorial for creating triggers and layers but my storyline screen doesn't look like the tutorial view.  There is a panel for buttons and triggers off to the side in the tutorial that I don't have.  I'm certain it's a simple 'user error' but I can't figure out how to correct it.  I can send you a screen shot of my screen to help clarify.

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Helen Tyson

Hi Ericka,


Reading your post it may be as simple as the side pane being hidden.  I've added a screenshot below to help you check but if you look at the right-hand edge of your Storyline window you may see a solid line a couple of millimetres wide. If so, you need to drag that to the left until you see a grey dotted line and this will bring the pane into view.

If it's not this I'm sure one of the fabulous people from Articulate will chip in with ideas




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