Creating Multi-Player Game Help

Hi, I am trying to figure out how to create a multi-player game. What I envision is if Player 1 goes and answers a question correctly, his/her board piece moves to the next area on the board, then Player 2 will go and answer a question. It would go back and forth like that unless a player answers a question incorrectly. For example, if Player 2 answers a question wrong, that player won't be able to move until Player 1 has taken a turn.

Is this something Storyline can do? I am still new to Storyline so if clients normally don't ask for multi-player games let me know. 

I've attached my .story file for you to check out. 


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Math Notermans

Yes it is possible to make multi-player games with Storyline.

Here a sample for an financial institute im creating a multiuser concept for at the moment.

Login with 'User,Demo' , password for both users 'Welkom123'
Then in another browser window login with 'Math,Test'

Only these 2 logins work for now... but you can drag and drop coins from the top to any of the circles and in realtime you see them update...

Just checked your sample and what you miss offcourse is an option to login. But its possible to get this working in a multiplayer mode and not too hard even.