Creating New Slide Tutorial: Format Painter


I enjoyed the tutorial on creating new slides especially as a complete beginner to Storyline. The only problem I had was using the Format Painter to copy the Hover state that was added to the first Main Menu button. I followed the directions, but it simply wouldn't paste to the second Main Menu button. I am using a trial version of Articulate 360. Would that have anything to do with it?

Thank you!


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Nicole Legault

Hi Kandice, 

Using the Format Painter can sometimes be a bit tricky. What you need to do is select a corner anchor of the shape or object you want to copy the formatting from. You'll notice when you select any object it has anchors in each corner, click on one of those to make sure the shape is really well selected. If you just click inside a shape, not a corner anchor, it may not be fully selected, so always click the corner. Now, head over to the Home tab on the Storyline ribbon and double-click the Format Painter option. If you only click once, you'll only be able to apply the formatting to one object. If you double-click, you will enable the format painter to copy over to as many objects as you want, until you right-click to end it. Hope this helps clarify how to use the format painter. You probably weren't double-clicking so it was only enabling the Format Painter to let you apply the formatting to one object.