Creating or applying varied font styles to select words

I am formatting portions of my text using the varied formats shown below. The Format Painter works great for an entire text object, but I am having difficulty applying a style to just a few words. The context menu that popups up for font settings when a portion of text is selected doesn't seem to work that well (perhaps that is user error).  

In any case I would like to be able to apply the style from selected words in one text object to selected words in another text object. The Format Painter options do not seem to work for this purpose.  This is causing me to reapply changes manually repeatedly.  Would like to see something akin to Word's font styles in a future version.  Is there an easy way to accomplish this?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Pam,

There are some known issues with font formatting in Storyline that our team is looking into, but in regards to the feature you're describing it may be something you'd want to submit a feature request for.  There is a great post here on how to update all fonts across your course, and if the individual texts are causing you difficulty you could also put those into their own text boxes which line up with your existing text boxes.