Creating order in Storyline

I am trying to create in Storyline a way to for a learner to make selection choices and those choices show on a final page.   basically, we allow our learner to choose a shirt. They choose the style, color and size.  I currently have it set that once they pick the style of shirt,  there is a trigger set up to take to another slide to view color and sizes.  They click on the color and the color choice text box automatically updates to the color. They use a drop down to select the size.  My question is how can it get the color and size choices to appear on a separate page. They will then print/email the information on the slide to me.


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Stephanie! Thanks for reaching out! Do you have a file already underway that you would be able to upload? That always seems to be the easiest way for others in the community to get a better idea of what you have described and offer suggestions. 

Also, you would be welcome to reach out in our design-related forum here, as well. :)

Christie Pollick

Sure thing, Stephanie, and hopefully someone will be able to share some ideas to assist!

(And I also wanted to note, if posting client content or sensitive material is a concern, there may be other options to consider. You can either create a generic file that does not contain client info, or you can redact client material from your actual file and post that version -- just a thought!)