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I know this is a really simple question to ask but I have information I want to put into table. Can I build a table in Articulate because when I do it in power point and then import the slide I can not make any changes to it? Help please


Usual Findings




Correct placement on face in relation to one another

Centred or deviated to right or left


Blink reflex present
Fused <25 Weeks approx

Marked oedema or inflammation
Setting-sun sign






Haemorrhage, jaundice
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Helen Tyson

Hi Tracy-Lee

There is no 'Table' functionality in Storyline so to build a table you need to create each individual cell as a text box or shape.

I'd recommend building one column and align it appropriately using the Align tools from the Home menu, and then duplicating the column so you get good alignment and spacing.


Bob Wiker

Here's a workaround 'solution' I have used in numerous courses. Saves time and retains PPT table formatting capabilties.

Basically, I create a separate PPT document in which I create the tables I want to use in Storyline.

  1. Create a new PPT document. I name it 'Tables.pptx' and keep it with my Storyline source file.
  2. Build your table in PPT (layout, formatting, colors, fonts, alignment, and so on) and then fill it with your content. (If you have additional tables to build, put each on its own PPT slide.)
  3. Switch to Storyline.
  4. Do a Screen clipping (Insert > Screenshot > Screen clipping) of the PPT table you just built and insert it in your Storyline project.

Anytime you need to make changes to the Storyline table just go back to your 'Tables.pptx' file, make the change, and replace the existing Storyline screen clipping with a new one. Simple and fast and retains full PPT table formatting functionality!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tracy-Lee,

Currently, Storyline does not support tables. If you'd like to suggest this feature, submit a request to our product development team for review. We take these requests seriously.

In addition to what Bob and Helen shared, here are some alternatives for adding tables to your Storyline courses.

Hope that helps!