Creating specific IDs for each question for SCORM course

Feb 02, 2022

We use Storyline 3 and have produced several courses for a client published as SCORM 1.2, who have uploaded them to the Talent LMS platform they are using.

After their staff had completed the training, our client (their platform administrator) was checking on completion results for each individual learner, and found that the question text does not display as it does in the course.

Whilst this could be be fixed manually on Talent LMS, they found that the questions are grouped in pairs, so if you make the change for one question it applies to 2 questions. The paired questions cannot be edited independently of one another.   

I tested this my end and could not replicate the issue.

The client contacted TalentLMS support and they seem to think it is related to the way the SCORM package is set-up. The specific SCORM package it seems, does not send an ID with every interaction (e.g. question's answer), nor does it have any other parameter that can be used as ID, so when answers arrive, they get logged with different IDs. So when the users retake the test, it sends a new set of questions to report on to the LMS.

They asked if we (the supplier of the course) are able to fix this so that a specific ID is used for each question sent when reporting to the LMS.

Does anyone know if this is possible, and if so how?


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