Creating States

Sep 27, 2013

I have set up different states for a correct and incorrect response to a T/F quiz slide. Not sure how to set up the triggers for them. Right now, triggers are set for both states to change when the user clicks the submit button. I realize that both states can't use the submit button. Any suggestions what the Object should be for each trigger?

I've attached my slide.

Many thanks


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Michael Hinze

You could add conditions to the triggers that change the state of the character, based on which of the two radio buttons is selected. For example, id the True radio button is selected when the Submit button is clicked, then the state of the character is changed to correct. See attached file. Hope that's what you wanted.

Michael Hinze

Hi Nikki, it very much depends on what you want to achieve. In your case, you wanted to change the state of this character, based on the selected option, so using a condition seemed the obvious choice. As an alternative, I guess you could have added the character's correct state to the correct feedback layer and the character's incorrect state to the incorrect feedback layer. Options, options...