Creating StoryLine Theme from Imported PowerPoint Slides

I have imported 39 slides from PowerPoint to use as our departmental theme. I know this sounds like a lot but they include tab interactions, title slides, colour RGB guides, etc. Only a random 10 of the 39 are being recognized as layout slides so saving this as a theme is not effective.


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Maryanne Henderson

I have to be close to getting this to work.

1. I went into PowerPoint and updated the slide master to reflect the various tabs, backgrounds, etc. that we have as our departmental theme.

2. I opened a new StoryLine file, set the slide size to our custom size and imported the theme from PowerPoint

3. I looked at the SL Slide Master to confirm the master slides reflected the PowerPoint slide masters.

4. I saved the custom theme.

5. I opened a new project, went to Design and select the custom theme I just saved but only the Storyline BLANK slide masters are visible.

My custom theme should have 31 master slides (mine plus the SL default).... is there a step I have missed? I saw one comment about ensuring the 'Hide Background Graphics' is unselected and I have done that.