Creating Synchronous Interaction

Apr 03, 2017

I have created a Storyline 2 file which has 3 different characters, each one in a different layer. Users can make the characters move using the Yes and No buttons on the screen. I would like for 3 different users to be able to interact with the content at the same time, each controlling a different character. However, when I post the HTML file to my LMS, Sakai, it appears that I am interacting with a local copy of the file, since my colleagues interactions with the characters are not visible to me.

Is there a different way to post it to the LMS or in a conferencing tool like AdobeConnect that would allow 3 different users to control the 3 characters simultaneously?

Running in VMWare on a Mac
StoryLine 2 Update 10



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Crystal Horn

Hi Laura!  Great question.  Articulate software is designed to help you quickly build engaging asynchronous training...for everyone out there:  meaning, the learner is not bound by the trainer's time or schedule.  Learners can access a course independently rather than attend a webinar or a class.  Gabe makes a great distinction here.

So, even if you have that content hosted in your LMS, each user's browser is accessing that course independently of anybody else.  Any "bookmarking" or saving progress that occurs will happen either with the LMS (specific to each user's login) or in the browser of each user.  Everybody has a unique experience with the course.

You can host your course in Adobe Connect, but it will still function asynchronously for each user.

By the way, be sure to update your Storyline to the latest version!  Currently, we're on Update 11, and you can download it right here.  I wouldn't want you missing out on all the improvements!  :)

Laura Fogle


Thanks for the insights. I do understand the benefits of asynchronous learning. However, in this case, the instructor wants all the students to participate in the activity together so they see what the other students are doing.

Are you saying that it is NOT possible to build a Storyline module and post it so it can be used synchronously?


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