Creating tables in Storyline

Hello there! Quick question: 

1) How can I create a table in storyline? Or at least how to import one if we can't create it directly? 

2) How to create hyper links in that table. For example the user would click on a word in the table and it takes them to a website.

I have been losing more hair then I need to trying to figure this out (already almost bald). Thanks guys!


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Peter Anderson

Hey Tarek!

Currently, Storyline does not support tables.  If you'd like to suggest this feature, please submit a request to our product development team for review:

In the meantime, here are some alternatives for adding tables to your Storyline courses:

Hope that preserves some hair, and thanks for your feedback

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

Thank you Peter. Very helpful information. 

I decided to go with the resource tab option. Not as pretty, but it preserves hyper links even as a word document transformed into a PDF. 

Any ideas when a table feature will be added as an update to Storyline? Or if storyline 2 is mandated to come out? I love the product. 



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Linda,

You'll definitely want to share your thoughts on that particular feature here with our product development team in the form of a feature request. That's the best way for us to keep track of how many users would like to see a particular feature and therefore how crucial/popular a feature may be.


Jenda George

Not wanting to create a new shape for every table cell, I've created tables to my specifications in Microsoft Word, then imported the image into Storyline as a screenshot. It has worked well as a solution so far. If you have a table with a lot of rows, use the Scrolling Panel feature.