Creating Trigger Based on Timeline


I'm testing out Storyline, and I'm trying to create an animation that doesn't require user interaction.

For example, I would like to trigger the appearance of a caption or character when the timeline gets to a certain point. Is this possible?

When I look at triggers, it only gives the options of triggering an event at the start of a timeline or the end of a timeline, so I'm not sure how to do this in the middle of a slide timeline.

Thanks for your help!


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Anna Oftedal

Thanks for the help!

So if I understand the strategy on this -- if I am creating an animated scene where there will be no user interraction, I should create one slide and have all the layers on that one slide and then place either an object with trigger off slide or use the timeline to place new objects according to when they come on or off of the timeline.

Does that sound like a good approach?