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Jun 18, 2012

I would like to share the following with those of you who are still working through variables and course completions:

I am creating a course that has 3 sections for users to complete.  Once they have reviewed the slides for each section and return to the introductory slide, the section box for that slide is ticked off (similar to the Pandemic flu demo) . 

I asked this question to Jeannette Brooks and her response was:

"create a true/false variable for each section, to track whether the section has been viewed. Each variable is initially set to false, and add a trigger at the end of each section to change the section’s variable to true. That way, when the learner finishes a section and returns to the menu, the variable switches to true, and then use the value of that variable to control whether the menu item appears in its Visited state or not.  

The trigger on the menu would say something like:  “Change the state of Menu item 1 to Completed when the timeline starts, if the variable Section1Complete is equal to True.

My next question is, once the 3 sections have been completed, I want the 'congratulations' you have finished this course (with the possibility of printing off a certificate) - so is this an additional variable/trigger  that is set up on the Menu slide ?? 


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Nancy Woinoski

I don't think you need a new variable for this - on the screen with a menu, you would add a slide trigger that says Jump to congratulations slide when timeline ends  if menu item 1 is equal to completed, and menu item 2 is equal to completed and menu item 3 is equal to completed.

(note when setting up the conditions for this trigger you select the Shapes option under List:

Kate Jurd

thanks very much Nancy.,

however I was just trying to add the tick to the image, as a visited state,  (for each section)

I thought I had sorted this, but when I preview the scene, the visited arrow appears as soon as I open the menu slide.  It seems to work ok for the next two sections and only appears after the last slide of these sections have been visited.

I'll have another go at sorting and if  there is still a problem I will upload the source file.


Stephen Brodeur

Hi! I came across this thread when I was looking for some assistance with variables and section completions and it's the closest to answering my question/solving my issue.

I am currently working on a project that has seven sections that need to completed, each section being represented on the home screen by an icon. Initially, I used 'visited' states for the icons to show progress but then I decided that I only want the icons to change state if the user has visited all of the slides in that particular section. After completed the following steps, this is still not working (and I've tested in preview and published):

  1. Created a true/false variable to represent each section with the initial state set to "false"
  2. Created a trigger on the last slide of each section to set the corresponding variable to true when the timeline starts.
  3. Created a trigger for each variable on the home screen to change the state of each icon to "visited" when the variable changes.
  • When that didn't work, I thought it might be because I was using built-in states so I created a new state ("Completed") for each icon and changed the triggers on my home screen to use that state.
  • When that didn't work, I changed the "Revisiting" behavior to "Resume saved state" for all of my slides.
  • When that didn't work, I added variable references to my home screen to see if the variables were changing and I confirmed that they were so it is a problem with my states.

Am I doing something wrong??

Michael Hinze

Stephen, without seeing your file I can only take a guess, but from your description I think the problem is here:

'3. Created a trigger for each variable on the home screen to change the state of each icon to "visited" when the variable changes.' The "when variable changes'  option is restricted to the slide where this trigger is called. And since the variables actually change at the end of each section, these triggers on the menu slide will never 'fire'. I would adjust the triggers to change the icon states so that the change an icon WHEN THE TIMELINE STARTS and add a condition 'when variable sectionxyz is True'. Hope that makes sense.

Jay Sprout

I'm not sure if my question is appropriate but I think it is at least related. I've created some custom "Skills Challenges" in a course--software simulations (which, even just using hotspots and triggers is so much easier in Storyline than Captivate, IMHO). Completing each challenge toggles a variable to "true" (as in "complete=true") and what I'd like is that if all 5 or 6 variables are true, the course ... and here's where I think the challenge is ... tells the LMS the course is complete. Can I do that without using the traditional, out-of-the-box quizzes? It doesn't matter how brilliant or awesome the exercises work if they can't trigger a course completion in the LMS. Thanks in advance for any help.  

Clive Massyn

Hi everyone, I see that its been a while since this question was posed and perhaps I have misunderstood Michael Hinze's response.

I have created a scenario in Storyline 360 with the aim of adding it as a block in a Rise 360 course.  In Rise 360 I have set it up that the learner cannot progress until they have completed the block above (the Storyline block).

In Storyline I created a true/false variable called ActivityComplete and initialised it with False. On the last slide I have the attached triggers set. When I include the Storyline block into the Rise 360 course it never changes the 'continue' block to activate so that the learner can continue with the course. Is there something that I am doing wrong with the variable. I understand that the Course Complete may not trigger as the variable has already changed? if that is the case how do I get the Course Complete trigger to check the value of the variable?

Basically I need it to say  Complete course as Completed/Passed if ActivityComplete = value True but without the first part of When ActivityComplete changes?

I must say it has worked where I have added a GOT IT! button on the last slide and added the Complete course trigger when the learner clicks on GOT IT!. Rise 360 recognizes this and the learner can continue with the rest of the course. 

Any help would be much appreciated :)

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