Creative Commons License on a Storyline project

I'd like to apply a Creative Commons license on a project I've been working on.  I can't find any information about putting the metadata in the project itself and I expect the project to end up hosted elsewhere, so the metadata for a webpage won't be enough. Has anyone applied a CC to a Storyline project?  What do I do?

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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Elise,

There are many types of CC licenses : unported, noderivs,sharealike to name a few. I am not very proficient at "legalese" but the CC website could prove a valuable resource.

Needless to say you should use great caution wherever CC is involved. Being able to track the source of your CC elements also helps. Better safe than sorry.


Alexandros Anoyatis

If absolutely necessary, you could add the metadata manually in the story.html file after the story has been published, or just before publishing. However this will be story-specific, not slide-specific.

A. If done manually, you can add those tags immediately after the HEAD tag of your story.html. OR
B. When on the Publish properties window, click on the "..." button next to the title of your story and change either/both description & keyword tags appropriately.

Karen Wegner

I am also working on a project that requires the use of metadata that will contribute to the project being easily found during a search - open educational resource.  I am not a developer, so have limited understanding of how this is done.  But I know that a CC attribution license is required, and also that they are suggesting that we use metadata defined by  My understanding is that this metadata is more detailed, and is specific to the type of project and end user.  So if it will be used in an educational setting, the metadata needed would be different than if used in manufacturing, for example.  My questions:

How is additional metadata added to a Storyline project?  (Not the web page)

Can I use the information at to insert the type of metadata I need?  

Are the locations mentioned previously open enough to allow for richer metadata?