CRITICAL FAIL ON STORYLINE 360, when the name of the ladder is the same

Dec 27, 2016


This is a critical report.
When i have few ladder on my project, i got one ladder which name is "coco".
Then i rename another one with the samer name "coco", then STORYLINE tell me that i can not have the same name on 2 ladder.
I agreee with that!

ANYWAY, I got that windows, and i can not do anything, çi can not rename my ladder! i had to close the program and lost everything
this is again a big shame for storyline

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Maxime, 

I'm testing the same thing on Storyline 360 and when I try to rename an object on the timeline to be the same name as something else, I don't see a pop up but just it reverts the name back to what it was originally (if I had created it as a duplicate). If I try to insert a new object entirely and rename that object to match the first, that name is allowed within my Storyline interface. It looks like you're using the French UI so I'm going to test if it has a different behavior there. 

In the meantime, if Storyline is freezing up when going through any of these things, you'll want to confirm you're first working on project files as detailed here and then I'd also suggest looking at the repair of Storyline here. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Walt - I saw the item selected on the stage and assumed it meant the object or rectangle. I took German in school...many moons ago, so still no help here. :-) 

I get the error message as Maxime mentioned, but it doesn't freeze or shut down Storyline completely. And interestingly enough I can duplicate a layer and have that include the same name but the error appears when adding in a new layer completely. 

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