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Shelley Parker

Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately, we have 6 different modules involved with numerous scenes, slides and audio files, and needing to go live soon. It would take too long to redo each and opens too many opportunities for new errors and problems. I'll contact support. It may be an issue in the Storyline application or may be with our LMS.

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Shelley!

Another customer recently reported the same behavior in this forum discussion. When I tested his file, I saw that the captions did not appear when I revisited the slide in Storyline Preview. However, the captions did appear when I revisited the slide after the content was published. 

Could you have a look at the screen recording I shared in that thread, and let me know if that's similar to the behavior you're seeing in your file? Thanks! 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Shelley,

When you are testing the published HTML5 output, is your published file hosted on a web server, or are you viewing the published content locally?

This example is hosted on a web server. Could you test this link and let me know if you see the captions displayed when you revisit Slide 2? 

I'll be standing by!

Shelley Parker

Hi Alyssa, I appreciate your time on this. At this point, though, we have our fix in place and need to move on-very tight schedules! A colleague is responsible for publishing the files, and I understand that they are being published to a web server for our review/ux testing phase. Thank you again.