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Bruce Graham

Hi Lou!


After, before or during?

If "after", you could refer back to lessons, and offer reinforcement and/or enhancement/more depth.

If "before", you could do the "basic systems overview" stuff - linked to real-World tasks.

Find ways to tie it to their reality - perhaps use branching off a "hub" slide to take them to job-specific areas?

Hope that helps to get you started.

Hope you are well.


Louise Greenhoff

Thanks Bruce - I am good though extremely busy with this project

Its a bit of both really; the videos I have created are used during and after the trainer led classroom sessions to re-inforce the learning.

During classroom sessions, I use tick sheets of real world tasks which the learners then pair up and do a "show and tell" followed by the dreaded Role Play.

For the after module, I like the idea of having a hub slide where the learners can then go into different areas so I'll introduce that and combine videos, screen shots and assessment questions as a refresher before we go live :)

Thanks for the ideas! Lou