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Jeannette McGlinsky

Thank you Sarah, 

Because this was captured via Slides >> Record Screen  the video editing options that are normally there for an inserted video like what you are showing, aren't there.  I may just have to put a black frame around each slide to cover up the red thin recording box.  

If I'm missing something, please let me know.  Thanks again.

Sarah Hodge

Hey Jeannette! I tried using the Slides>Record Screen to make a video. I'm not sure why you are getting the red box...perhaps a bug. However, I was still able to access the Edit Video option when right-clicking on my video. Can you tell me what happens when you right mouse click on your video? If possible, a screenshot would be super helpful.  

Sarah Hodge

This is strange! I’m sorry it’s not showing the Video Editing option. I’m not able to reproduce what you are seeing. I attached a video of what it looks like on my side when using the Record Screen option and then right-clicking on the video. 

A workaround option might be to make the video a bit larger than the slide, so the red box doesn’t show. Hopefully, someone in the community might have a solution. Or, you can contact the support team. They’ve been great when I needed help. 

Sarah Hodge

Ahhh…Test Mode. I should’ve asked about that! You’re right. Step-by-Step screen recordings can’t be cropped. Your black frame idea is a great workaround. If you haven’t already, make sure you are using the latest version of Storyline. If you are using the latest version and still getting the red box, I’d recommend letting the support team know so they can fix that issue. Thanks for hanging in with me as I tried to sort this out. I hope your project goes well!