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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Naweed,

Thanks for letting us know what you're running into along with that helpful image.

I've seen a few users run into similar issues previously, but they were able to resolve in one of a couple of ways:

  • It could be that your DPI setting needs to be adjusted. Try this:
    • Right-click your desktop and select Display settings.
    • Click the Display tab in the upper left corner of the window that appears.
    • Under Scale and layout, select 100% from the drop-down list.
  • Following the steps in this article for a clean installation with the latest version.

Let me know if you need any further assistance.

Tracey Stokely

Changing the DPI settings on my computer doesn't change the problem with cropping  vertically all the pics in Storyline! Looks like a bug! See the attached pic. I inserted the full view of this character and immediately upon insertion, it's cropped on the left and right. You can't do anything to show the rest of him. This is a huge problem.