Cropped sound comes back

Jun 30, 2015

Anyone else experiencing this?

Example scenario I keep experiencing: I am on a slide layer with an audio file. I cropped a long clip to keep a few seconds of it. I hit Save and Close within the audio editor. I then cut and paste the edited sound clip to another layer on the same slide (the base layer specifically). Suddenly, the clip isn't edited anymore -- it's back to its full original.


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Walt Hamilton

"That's not a bug; it's a feature!"  :)  It actually makes sense. cropping doesn't remove material, it just covers it up. When you copy the clip and paste it, you create a new instance of it, and you have access to all of it.

If this is a problem for you, put the clip into a program (like Audacity) that allows you to edit it, and actually remove the parts you don't want. Not only will it be easier to use, it will make your final files smaller.

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