Cropping Screen Simulation

I had to keep redoing a screen simulation that has audio, and finally decided it was too time consuming to keep resizing the marquee around the recorded software, etc. (if there is a way to lock the size and position of the recording area between retakes and new recordings, please advise). So, I just decided to keep going and then crop out the portions that contained mistakes  after I was done recording.

I left a few seconds of silence after each mistake so I would know from the audio flat line that the area immediately in front of it needed to be cropped. I thought a visual cue would simplify the process. However, I don't see the audio bar on the Timeline. In fact, there is NOTHING on the timeline so I have no idea where to crop things. I clicked around and nothing seems to display the timeline items I typically see in a PowerPoint imported file.

How do I proceed? Thanks

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Maureen -- Thanks for reaching out with your question and sorry to hear you are having difficulties! Regarding size and position, please see Step #3 here in this tutorial on Recording Screencasts. I also wanted to be sure to share this info on Editing Screen Recordings, but note that it is not currently possible to snip a recording from within the middle (only the beginning and the end). You may want to take a look at this thread on a similar topic for some suggestions you could try. :)