Crossword activity trouble

Hi everybody, I have a little problem with this resource/activity. All about develop with the crossword (I don't know if this is the correct name for activity) works good, but when I want to show a congratulation or fail message, both of them show at the same time, and that's wrong.

Please, somebody could help me to find what is happen with it? I've just reviewing and publishing one and another time without sucess. Maybe another fresh look could find the correct way.

By the way, this resource shows texts and options in Spanish, so sorry for my English :/

The source in Storyline 2 was attached.

Thanks a lot

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gabriel,

Thanks for sharing your file here - it's a lot of triggers and variables for sure!

I suspect your congratulations or failure set up is slide 1.6? Have you looked at splitting these into layers vs. showing all on one slide? Based on that you could ensure only one layer shows at a time, and then it'll just involve double checking the triggers to make sure that the correct layer shows based on how they answered. Triggers will execute in the order described here so that would be the first place I'd look to solve any odd issues. Also, I would recommend placing a text variable reference on the slide (for your own testing) so that you could check that the triggers were being adjusted as you expected.