Ctrl+Backspace Keyboard Shortcut

I constantly find myself trying to use Ctrl+Backspace to delete a word at a time.  This is a common keyboard shortcut in many other programs, but in Articulate it just produces a rectangle.  I then hold Ctrl+Shift and tap the left arrow to highlight the word(s) I'm trying to delete and then I tap the backspace or delete button.  Is there a better way to do this?  Does Articulate have a special shortcut for this?  Can I make this custom shortcut for my own computer?  I've used Storyline since it was first released and to this day, the Ctrl+Backspace shortcut is so deeply ingrained that I still fall into the trap on a regular basis.

I've tried checking the keyboard shortcuts resource (which is an amazing resource), but unfortunately I can't find a solution there.

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Robbie Christian

That would be great!  Thanks Lauren!  I'm sure it's not a widespread complaint and that hardly anyone else has struggled enough to the point of voicing it, but I'm hoping that it's such a simple fix that it can be done even for the few of us that it would really make a difference.  I'll keep an eye out.