Cue point on video timeline issues

I have a slide with multiple layers. Users click on the base layer to open a layer which plays a video. At cue points along the video timeline the video pauses and another layer appears asking a question (trying to replicate the interactive video feature available in Captivate). Once the question is answered, the layer closes, the user is returned to the video layer and the video plays until the next cue point, and another layer is displayed. This all works great in preview, and 360 review. 

My issue is once this is published to my LMS. The timing of the cue points is  no longer the same- question layers are appearing AFTER they should, and in some instances the final layer doesn't appear at all before the video ends. 

Any help or suggestions on how to troubleshoot this is appreciated!! 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brande,

If it's working once hosted in Review 360, I'd want to see how it works in another LMS environment to narrow down where the issue is. Could you look at testing/uploading it into SCORM Cloud? That's an industry standard for LMS testing, and if it doesn't work there I'll want to have our Support Team take a look! If it does work well there, that's information you can use to share with your LMS admins for next steps.