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Feb 14, 2015

Hi. Help please. I created 5 cue points on a timeline with different scenes and animations between each cue point. I managed to add triggers on the time line to pause the time line at each cue point. I now want to create 5 buttons or a slider with 5 points to start the time at a designated cue point e.g. if the learner clicks on button 2 the time line should start at cue point 2 and play until cue point 3; by clicking cue point 5 the timeline should likewise start at cue point 5 ..... In other words I want to start at any cue point and not necessarily in sequence 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. 

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Michael Hinze
Andre van der Merwe

Ok, so in addition to being able to navigate between different cue points on the same time lines, it would be great to be able to navigate from a layer in one slide directly to a different layer in another slide ......  

You already can navigate to a layer on another slide, although it takes a few triggers. See here for info: 

Andre van der Merwe

Michael - thank you for the help and the incredibly quick response - it is much appreciated. This information is extremely useful. I am creating a course in macro-economics an I have many curves (AE, AS, AD, IS, LM, price, interest rates ......) that need to move depending on a number of economic variables making it necessary to move between different slides and layers often.    

Tim Neill

This is a serious deficiency. 'Feature request' just submitted.

It is really tedious to have to split content onto separate layers and then display each layer (using a trigger and a condition) when a 'Next' button is clicked. Building up a screen of bullet text/images, etc. is something even PowerPoint can do!

And it gets worse - if there is an audio on each of these layers, when I click 'Next' to display another layer, the currently playing audio continues together with the new layer's audio. And no, I don't want to have to play/pause named audio files with a trigger. When you display a new layer, an audio that is playing on the layer you are leaving should stop. 

A lot of people have been asking for this 'jump to a cue point' for many months. Where is it?

David Tait

Hi Tim,

I know this is a workaround when what you really want is for a software solution but if you have your initial piece of audio on a layer, when you launch a new layer set it to 'hide other slide layers'. This should kill the any currently playing audio.

Agree with the cue point requests though, as it happens I'm working on a project where they would have been really helpful, instead I'm using the layer option too. Saying that, I actually think that using layers can be a cleaner way of doing things when you have a lot going on on the timeline, helps manage the content more easily.

My ideal solution would be a timeline like the one in Flash that actually displays on screen exactly what is on the timeline at any given point.

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