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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Clint,

Yep, it's doable. So, let's say you have an audio clip on the base layer that's 10 seconds long, and you'd like Learners to read the info in Layer 1 when the audio is at 4 seconds...and have the audio pause. Assuming Layer 1 has already been created

On Layer 1

  • Display the Slider Layer Properties for this layer and in the Base Layer section of this dialog box, place a checkmark in the "Pause timeline of base layer" check box.
  • Insert a button and add a trigger to the button to hide the layer when clicked

On Base Layer

  • Insert a shape offstage (outside the slide area) and drag it to the timeline at the 4 second mark.
  • Add a trigger to the shape to show Layer 1 when the timeline starts for this shape

Please shout out with any questions, or if you need a sample