Current Slide number

Hello everyone, I am updating our template due to changes made in SL3. 

At the top of your template we have a text field %curpage% out of %totalpages% we used to update these values using player variables but we no longer have access to this in SL3. 

It has been easy enough to modify the values using next and previous page buttons on the slide master that trigger +1 or -1 to the variable. For now we are having to set "totalpages" manually before publish. 

The issue is when navigating by the menu I can not seem to figure out how I would update this value to the correct slide number, aside from having a trigger on each frame to set the "curpage" to = X

I would like to implement a method of tracking the current page number using the slide master that does not have to be modified for each specific module. And if possible also set the "totalpages" value automatically.

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