Cursor is super small in Windows 10

Sep 04, 2017

Is anyone else's cursor really small when hovering over objects in Storyline 2 and 3? It only seems to be an issue in Windows 10.

Is it possible to change the cursor back to how it displays in Windows 7?

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Holly Sullivan

I was having the same issue, with a super tiny cursor.  My IT dept had no idea so I started looking around and found this forum.  I read the Quick Fix from Melissa Harbour to Sign Out of  your windows account.  

Do this by going to the upper right hand corner where your name and picture are (if you added one).  Click Account Settings.  Choose Sign Out.  This will sign you out of all your Windows Accounts on all applications.  It's ok, you can sign back in.  

Melissa said don't reboot or restart, but I needed to power down my Lenovo ThinkPad in order for it to take effect.  Once I restarted, my cursor was back to normal for tables and objects. 

Mary Medlen

We just converted to Windows 10, and I too am experiencing this issue. Since I'm on a Corporate Windows account, my IT dept said said that the fix others are finding helpful won't work for me since I can't log in and out as a personal user. I'm posting here so I can stay informed with any updates/fixes from Articulate.

Thank you for your work on this!

Katie Ellersdorfer

Not sure if this is replying to the whole threat or just to you, but an
update--I have noticed the cursor problems are often tied to putting my
laptop onto a docking station, or taking it off, or restarting the
computer. Sometimes doing any of those things causes the problem, sometimes
it solves the problem. Who knows!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael,

Sorry to hear you've hit the same issue. Our team has been looking into it and haven't landed on a singular Storyline cause. We've heard of a few reports of logging out of and back into the windows profile allowing for a reset of that mouse pointer.

We'll keep you posted if we hear any other updates on this issue! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kathleen, 

It's an issue that is still with our team for investigation and one of the solutions folks have used is to log out of Windows and log back in to reset things. It also appears that folks have seen this in other applications, so not specific to Storyline.

We'll keep folks posted here once we have more details! 

Allan Bashah

Came across this thread looking for a solution and found it buried in a Microsoft forum. Wanted to pay it forward:

To do this, first restart your computer, and with no programs running, type %temp% in the windows search bar. This brings up one of your temporary files folders. Delete everything you can in this folder. You will not be able to delete everything, as Windows uses some of the files. Just choose the 'Skip' option for these files. You may need to enter some of the subfolders to get as much as you can. Then type %tmp% in the search bar. This brings up the second temporary files folder, and repeat the process. Then after a restart, see if the problem is fixed.

I suspect it's an operating system issue or a third party driver issue for mouse/cursor software.


Hopefully this solution is more permanent until that is some software updates itself it the problem manifests again.

Lee-Ann Williams

I'm following this thread, as I'm having the same issue, only in Storyline 3 on specific areas of the stage, as reported earlier. I recently upgraded to a Dell Precision 5530 with a high-resolution monitor, and went from Window 7 to Windows 10. I am attached to two large monitors as well as my laptop, and seeing the same behavior on all three. I don't think I can or should try to log in under another user profile as I'm in an environment where IT manages how we can sign in.

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