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Feb 12, 2018

I could use some help figuring out how to build a custom assessment review process. 

Here's a sample of the functionality as I have it now.

What the client is asking for:
The testing scenario should be if I get a 90% you show me the question I missed with the correct answer. If I get an 80% then show me the two questions I missed with the correct answer then activate the next screen. If I score less than 80% - show me the questions I missed without the answer so I can review and direct me to take the assessment again. This can continue until they get 80% or above.

The problem:
I have it set up as regardless of passing or failing, the learner can review the questions they got correct/incorrect. The review is not set up to show the actual correct answers. The problem is that I can't change showing/hiding the correct answers depending on if the learner passed or failed. It's either universally showing or hiding the correct answers.

I think the solution would be a custom assessment tracking but could use some help identifying the logic behind it.



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