Custom Background not working when player set to scale

Okay, so I'm running into an issue and was wondering if anyone has faced this:

I use the following HTML to edit the story.html to add in a background image.


body { margin: 0px;

background-image: url(Background.png);

background-repeat: no-repeat;

background-color: #77787C; } 

object {outline: none;}


This works great when I lock the size of the player to optimal. However, if I set the player to scale, then I end up with the generic player background.

Any thoughts?

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Sean Speake

Hi Ashley,

Sorry, I wasn't clear in my original post. I'm modifying the background that appears around the player. Rather than have the client's logo appear on each slide, I'm trying to embed it in the browser background - what you would change by altering the Background Colour -> Page Background in the player.

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