Custom Button for Muting and Unmuting Audio?

Hi Folks,

I'm not even sure if this is doable, but I figured I'd reach out to the community and Articulate to see if it is. It's a rather complicated setup with many needs.

I have a course with audio and animated text that comes in when the narrator speaks each specific part on the screen. There are some deaf employees at my company that need to view the training without audio. So, simple enough, I have created a mute/unmute button so anyone can toggle the audio ON or OFF.

So when a user clicks the mute button, I have all the text come in automatically and the next button becomes available. (It's locked until the timeline reaches the end if audio is on.)

Here's the problem: In most cases, if you mute the audio and go to the next slide, the audio comes back. I recently managed to resolve this with a JavaScript code, but if you have the course currently MUTED, and select previous to go back, the audio stays muted but the icon indicating that the audio is muted is not displaying correctly.

So what the course needs to do is that if you mute the course, it needs to stay muted throughout and the icon indicating that the course is muted needs to stay RED throughout, and if selected again, will unmute the audio and the icon should change to GREEN. The most issues I'm encountering are that the icon that indicates what state the audio is in doesn't seem to want to change when you navigate through the course.

Has anyone dealt with this before? I know it's a ludicrous amount of nonsense to add in a course, but I'm just trying to find a workaround so the button will function and display the right state when the audio is toggled. Input is most graciously appreciated.

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Bob O'Donnell

You should be able to add a variable that toggles on and off as well on the button click and set up a trigger that looks to see if that variable is true when the timeline starts. If true, set the state of your button to Red.

Maybe in your case its as simple as setting the slides to "Resume Saved State". Worth a try and easy to test out.

Our program was more simple. We added an audio on/off button to the menu and told the user on a slide up front how it functioned. For deaf people to get a similar experience for Section 508 rules, they get Closed Captioning on the audio files. Our audio on/off was mainly for people using a JAWS reader so they could quickly kill the sound as needed.

Never experienced the audio coming back on automatically from slide to slide.