Custom button/hover issue

Hi, All.

We are creating a few custom question slides for a client and are having a small issue with the hover state on some of the answers. When you mouse over the button/answer the hover state is supposed to appear (This works correctly on answer B). On the other answers the only way the hover appears is when you mouse over the button first.

I have attached a simple version of the issue we are having.

This may be something simple, but I need help.


Thanks in advance.


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Kevin

not at my desk so I can’t open the file but a the text in the button itself or in a text box on the button - if the latter it could be order on the timeline and /or the text box is not as big as the button so there is room for error as the mouse moves over it. If that’s not it I should be back within the hour and can take a look for you if someone doesn’t respond in the meantime.

Kevin Rucker

Hi, Wendy.

Thank you for the quick response. I have the button and the text on two separate layers but grouped. The hover is on the button layer. I tested this out where I have the button layer above the text layer and also the button layer below the text layer. I also tested this out where I have the text on the button state(s).

Thank you

Jin Bang

Hi Kevin,

I took a quick look into your project and found something interesting, or rather, mysterious. I assumed hover states were defined for the Answer text boxes but there wasn't any, but the interesting part is, clicking on each answer's text box, editing the states, and clicking done editing, (Without any actual edit), seem to have resulted in what you want it to show.

You can check this version of your file I saved after no actual editing, but the preview shows the hover states as you expect it to be.

What to do next? I would go in and define triggers for the Answer text box. I might be missing something on my screen, but I only see the triggers associated with the answer buttons (Rectangles) itself. 

Hope this helps! Let me know what you think.