Custom Button Hover State Flicker

I am having an issue when creating a custom button. Every time I preview or publish the project the hover state of the custom button works, but when I leave the buttons hotspot it goes blank for a split second before returning to its normal state causing a flicker effect. I have looked on the forum and tried a few different things but cant seem to figure it out. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Pauly!

Sounds like it may be an issue with the states, or some sort of transition delay when the mouse is moved off of the hot spot or button.

Any chance you can share your .STORY file here, so I can take a quick look at what's happening with the button? If the file is too large, or if you want to keep the content private, you're welcome to send it over to us directly in a support case

Thanks and welcome again!


Christine Hendrickson

Thanks for the file, Pauly!

First, I have to say that I absolutely love the deign. Great job

I took a look and it seems like the flicker is coming in because the custom states are single images without any type of effects. To fix this, you can add a "Fade out" animation to the hover state of the custom objects. I've done this for both the "Glossary" and the "Resources" buttons on the bottom of the GUI. This gives a smooth transition to both buttons.

I'm attaching the modified file, just in case you want to take a look at this.

I hope this helps!

Pauly Barnes

Thanks so much Christine! That's the look I was going for, a pulse glow. (My boss will approve for sure)

I knew it had to be something simple that I was missing. Too bad that's not something that is on by default. Anyways thanks for your help and also thanks so much for the kind words on the design, your awesome!

- Pauly

Pauly Barnes

Thanks Jilo

I did develop the GUI in Photoshop (Glass / Diamond elements created in Blender 3D). The graphics are actually on their own layer above the base layer in the Master Slide. When the timeline starts the layer is called to appear. Doing this always ensures that the GUI is the top most layer. I wanted the interface to be more of an overlay over the content.

- Pauly

Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Danny,

I think it's an issue with the custom button on the Master slide knowing which slide to navigate to. When you've already viewed a slide, that slide is in the course "memory", so it knows where to go back to. 

If you haven't seen it already, there's a pretty good discussion on this that may better explain what happens with this:

Custom Next/Prev Buttons

Danny Blatt

Christine, thanks for the other link, I hadn't seen it yet. In my case, I'm working with linear navigation. The player's next buttons know where to go. And if I use a custom Nav button on the base layer of the Slide Master it works. But if I use them on an overlay layer (like Pauly did above), thats when the custom Next button ceases to function.

Am I just making my life more difficult, and should just add the custom navigation buttons to the base layer of the master and not an overlay?

Pauly Barnes

Danny Blatt said:

When taking this to the next logical step, and adding a trigger for the custom Next button to jump to the next slide, I get no functionality. The custom Prev button works, but the custom Next button does not (until its added to the base layer of the slide master). What could this be?

This is going to sound crazy, but stick with me here...

I eventually removed the custom buttons from the Master Slide because of its navigational limitations. I created a "Navigation" layer on the first slide on the main scene then added the function to go to the "next slide" and "previous slide". After that I just used the first slide as a template throughout my development. It's seems redundant to have the navigation recreated throughout each slide, but it actually works really well and you can start doing more advanced navigation per slide (ex: delay a certain slide from being able to advance till after a certain length).

I had to teach myself that Storyline is a different way of thinking. It's not Powerpoint, it's not Flash - its Godzilla. A lizard born from radiation...wait, what were we talking about?

Anyways, hope that helps. Oh and the above link is pretty much where I came to that conclusion.

- Pauly

Danny Blatt

Paulie, I found that if you add the navigation buttons to the base layer of your master, they function correctly. I created a few master layouts for my various needs (standard slide, quiz slide, end of lesson, etc.). That way, I only need to set each type of screen up once, and there is much less copy/paste action going on. I was just thrown off that they wouldn't work from an added layer on the master.

Pauly Barnes

Ah I see what you mean.

Yeah that was an issue I was dealing with as well. Seems logically it should work, but I couldn't find the solution. Since I needed them to be on top of everything that I was creating I had to put mine in slide by slide (Would be awesome if you could arrange the master to be on top )

Well it looks like you and I need to put in a feature request!

Pauly Barnes

Jilo Esmail said:


Off the story slightly!

I am learning photoshop as well, and have been inspired by your panel; see attached example I have just completed based on your layout.



Nicely done Jilo!

Not too shabby for learning Photoshop and orange is my favorite color so a tip of the hat to you.

Now lets see some Storyline animations and open those doors and reveal the content!

Ros McNamee

Ok I have to bring the main topic back in this post, as things have gotten off topic. The flicker between custom states, e.g. normal to hover. I used exit animation for the hover state but when I lift off and hover over again the hover state has completely faded out. Even in the example you helped Pauly with, if you download it and use it in SL2 instead of SL1, it just doesn't work and does what I've just explained. I guess a new solution should be given by those who can give it? Any suggestions anyone?

Ros McNamee

Sure thing, the button is in the master slide. Hover over it and its fine it'll change to hover state. Then because I've a fade on exit it smoothly enter normal state again. But then try hover again and its gone. As if the timeline for the hover state keeps running in the background. I've had to go back to Storyline 1 to fix this, seems to be a HUGE bug regarding SL2, which is a big shame.