Custom Button Hover State Flicker

Mar 26, 2013

I am having an issue when creating a custom button. Every time I preview or publish the project the hover state of the custom button works, but when I leave the buttons hotspot it goes blank for a split second before returning to its normal state causing a flicker effect. I have looked on the forum and tried a few different things but cant seem to figure it out. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Thanks in advance,


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Emily Ruby

Hello Ros!

I have been playing with the file you sent and trying to compare it to the original that was corrected in this thread.

It seems the initial file had a "glow" effect on the hover state image, which was then fading out back to the original. Your image does not have any additional effects on the hover state. This could be causing the issue, or possible by the image type. What image type are you using?

If you want a glow effect on the hover, then for it to smoothly go back into the normal state, you probably wont need to use a fade animation.

I created a new file with an image like yours, not the same one, and added a glow effect to the hover. It is easing back smoothly now.



Jerson  Campos

I've encountered this issue before.  What might be causing the unintended flicker in the original file is that the image from the normal state was removed from the hover state. It is a completely new image. For some reason, storyline takes a split second to render between the states when this is done.  If you leave the original image and just place the new image on top in the hover state it won't flicker. 

Ros McNamee

I can see you've used a .png, mine was a .jpg, that could be one issue. Secondly, as Jerson said, both states are separate images, and one was fading out as the hover was released. I will try your suggestions mentioned above and will respond here again when I've the time. Just saying I've acknowledged both of you and appreciate your responses. 


Will write back shortly, thanks.

Belen Ferrer

I know this thread is old, but I was wondering if anyone has found a new solution.

I made a custom button using 100% Storyline shapes (lines, rectangles, etc). I get a flicker when the state is restoring from Hover back to Normal. Adding a fade out did not work -- it made the behavior even more erratic. 

In my case, the Hover state looks exactly like the Normal state, except that the color of some of the shapes changes. All the same elements are in both states. Even so, the whole thing flickers to white.

Any wisdom? Fixes? It looks really bad when buttons flicker like that, since students understandably expect things to look smooth in this day and age.

Belen Ferrer

Thank you, Leslie.

After deleting and re-making the Hover state and, eventually, the whole button several times, I now seem to have a version of it that does NOT flicker. I have no idea how or why. So I conclude that (1) there is a bug but (2) it only surfaces under specific, mysterious circumstances.

So, for people out there with this issue... just try remaking your button a bunch of times. Eventually it might stop flickering.

Hope the QA team can get to the bottom of it!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lori,

This discussion encompasses a few things but the behavior where a Flash or flicker occurs on a hover state or when changing a state still exists in Storyline 2. It was something that they fixed and released as a part of Storyline 3/Storyline 360. 

As Belen shared, it was something inconsistent in Storyline 2 - so deleting and rebuilding the state was one of the suggested workarounds. 

Let me know if you need anything else! 

Kev Man

Not fixed in SL360!
This has been happening, randomly, with the buttons.

Rebuilding, sometimes fixes it, in this instance, the references buttons still blinks.

This has been an issue brought up by users for several years and staff members have given ZERO answers.   

Im noticing a pattern.