Custom Button State Not Triggered

Jan 29, 2021


I have created a Storyline360 project with several scenes tied to one title scene/slide with 8 buttons (7 modules/scenes and 1 quiz). Each button jumps to a particular scene. I have 7 variables that are triggered from FALSE to TRUE, one each for when the timeline starts on the last slide of each scene. Once all 7 variables are triggered, the QUIZ button changes state from "Disabled" to "Normal" so that they can take the quiz once all modules/scenes have been visited. This, actually, works like a charm.

My problem is that I have created a custom State for the module/scene buttons that I call "Complete". "Complete" is similar to "Visited", but I have it tied to the same variable that is at the end of each module/scene via triggers. Because I allow free navigation and the ability to exit/return to the course at any time, the "Visited" state doesn't work because they may not have visited the final slide before exiting, and wouldn't know which module/scene hadn't been completed when they returned if the button was green. They could easily assume that all modules are complete if all buttons are green, but the quiz would not be available because they might not have hit every "last slide", triggering the variable from False to True.

On my title slide, I have created triggers to change each button's state to my created state, "Complete", when the variable at the end of each module/scene is triggered. The weird thing is that the only option when creating the trigger is, "When the 'variable changes'" then I select the variable name. It would seem that this would work when the variable changes at the end of the module/scene, but the state never changes. I have tried to add the condition of "If variable = value True", but this doesn't work either.

I'm at a loss and running up against a deadline. What am I missing here???

Thanks for any insight,


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Jeff!

When in a time crunch, I'd suggest connecting with a Support Engineer to work with you quickly to find a fix. 

I've started a case on your behalf so that we can see what might be causing the snag. I've emailed you an upload link where you can share your .story file. That will help us test the file to see where the culprit is.