Custom buttons on feedback slide layers won't trigger

Sep 26, 2017


I am working in Storyline 360 and am trying to put a custom button on the feedback layers that allows users to view the answers. To elaborate, it is a sequence drag and drop with three attempts, on the Try Again and Incorrect feedback layers, I want to add a button "View Answers". When the user clicks it I want to hide the feedback layer and show the answers layer. 

I have tried a number of different things but I can not seem to get this to work. I can get it to hide the feedback layer, but not trigger the show answers layer

Any help would be fantastic.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Danny,

Without seeing the file - it's just a guess, but have you checked the trigger order? It sounds like the trigger to "show the answer layer" is appearing after the "hide feedback layer" and therefore doesn't have time to execute. 

One other option is to only use a trigger to show the answer layer, and adjust that layers' properties to "hide other slide layers" - one less trigger for you! 

If you're still hitting a wall - drop your .story file here using the "Add Attachment" button and I bet someone can take a peek!

Danny Green

Hi Ashley,

Thanks so much for the reply. I was attempting to troubleshoot for a colleague and the first thing I looked at was the trigger order, but when I change the trigger order to have "show answer key" at the top, nothing happens, when "hide layer" is first, that layer hides but the answer layer doesn't.

I also tried reducing the triggers and having the new layer hiding other layers, but this did not work either. 

I know there are work arounds, but I really want to figure this out.

I have attached the file if anyone wants to take it on :)



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Danny,

Well you've got me stumped - it's definitely not working any which way I try it in your file, but it does work just great on a new file (Check out Hintlayer.story). I can't see anything off - which always leads me to the reminder about working on local project files. I've seen wonky behavior before when folks were working off a network or share drive. 

Also, in your file you could look at recreating that slide or using the alternative I shared here with a lightbox. (Titled answer_layer.story)

Let me know if you need anything else! 

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