Custom Buttons - One selected, the rest greyed out...


I created some custom buttons and am trying to figure out how to have all the other buttons greyed out when the user selects one (and thereby see an additional layer of information on the screen).

Also, then I need them to reset, once they have viewed a lightbox related to the selected button.

How do I do that?  Do I need to create variables or can I possibly do this with states (probably not because they are dependent on each other)...

Thanks so much for any advice!


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Birgit Muehlenhaus

Hi again!! I have another related question -- so I have all the buttons turn grey when one is clicked.  But now, my hover state on the other buttons gets "overshadowed" by the "inactive" state.  How can I still have the "inactive" button turn to a "hover" state?  Thanks in advance for any help!!!!!

Birgit Muehlenhaus

Hi Leslie!

Thank you for your quick reply and help!  I tried changing the name of "inactive" to "grey" in my newest version (see attached) and it still doesn't seem to work.  I know I must be doing something wrong, but I can't seem to figure it out!  Thanks for your help!!!

Birgit Muehlenhaus

Thank you so much for your quick reply and the video!!  Sorry, I didn't make myself clear!  What I was hoping would work is that the hover state (which is the blue color), would show up on the hover, not just the halo.  Right now only the halo shows up with the grey button background (instead of the blue button with the halo).  Also, on 2 of the buttons (the last two) the icon color changes on the hover (blue money bag and blue question mark) but the rest of it stays grey.  I would like the button to turn blue on the hover with the halo, instead of staying grey on the hover when it is already greyed out. Does that make sense?