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I have created custom buttons with states and am wondering how to make the text and size of the button's normal state transfer to all other states.

When I insert a button from Storyline, I can add new text or change the size and it will update across all states (hover, selected, etc.). I don't want to copy the formatting from one of the pre-programmed buttons, because my button has to be a rectangle with no effects and I can't seem to get rid of the rounded corners and fading.

Right now, when I update the text in the normal state of my button and change the size, there is no text in the other states and the size and/or position doesn't transfer.

Any suggestions?

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Crystal Aultman

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your response. I was finally able to create the buttons. I have no idea why the first few sets didn't work.

I have another question though. I have something triggered to change to the visited state and it keeps changing to the hover state instead. Is there a place where I can submit the file privately?

Ashley Terwilliger

Awesome Crystal.

In regards to the hover state, is it changing to the hover state when you click it? Even though you're using your own button, here is a description of how all the built in states work.

If you'd like to upload the file to us privately, you can share it with us here and to have it assigned to my specifically please start the description with the following:


and also please provide the link to this forum thread.

Crystal Aultman


Thanks for the description about the states. I have attached a section of my file. I am trying to trigger the sections of the circle to have a hover state and visited state. Because the images overlap each other, I have the trigger linked to the images sitting on top of the circle. The hover state is working, but the visited state is appearing as the colour of the hover state.

Also, for the image with clothes, when I return to this screen and hover my mouse over it again, it goes white again.

I have tried figuring this out for a while now and can't get it to work.

Here is the link to the forum thread

If this wasn't the place to share the file privately, can you please remove the file from the forum?