Custom Captions

I'm working on a project that includes screen recordings, and I want the captions to match the visual design in the other training in my catalog. For example, Caption bubbles should have a solid fill, not a gradient fill.

Is there a way to change the theme's default caption style so that it will match my design standards, or will I have to go back and individually edit each one after I finish recording?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Chad, 

I don't believe there is a way to remove the drop shadow to the text, as it's the default setting. The easiest way to remove it would be to select the text and click on the symbol next to the standard underline/italic/bold symbols in the 'home' tab. 

 To remove the gradient within the color, you'll click on the caption shape and choose Gradient from the shape fill drop down list. Once you set one, you could use the format painter to carry it across to the other captions. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Chad,

Nancy is right - if you're inserting captions from the Insert tab setting it as the default shape will keep it, but it will not impact the captions within your screen recording. I even tried creating a screen recording, changing the color of the screen recording caption and setting that as the default, and then adding a new screen recording - and it did not keep the default shape/color. 

Steve Wooten

I was reading this in hopes that it would work for screen recordings too. I am creating a long series of recordings, and it would save a LOT of time if the caption boxes were created to match my custom theme settings. 


That's a lot of format painter, and the odds of missing something gets greater as the deadline gets closer.