Custom Certificates (Modified Report.html File): How do you Make Certificates Print in Landscape Mode, Remove Print Button in Output, and More?

Jul 13, 2017

Hi all,

We're currently using the technique below in Storyline 360 to create custom certificates by modifying the published report.html file:

Right now, we're trying to make some advanced changes to the report.html file.

Do you know if any of these changes are possible?

  • Remove the "Print" button after it's been clicked
  • Make the certificate print in landscape mode by default
  • Remove all of the unnecessary text that lines the edges of the page

A sample certificate that highlights what I'm talking about is attached.



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Ridvan  Saglam

Hi Michael, 

I have been looking for a solution for the questions of 2 and 3. Print button was a problem for me too. 

Let me suggest you two different ways; 

First; you can add one more trigger to button as Change the state of Print button to hide. It may solve the problem. 

Second way will definitely solve it. Create a second layer and add Javascript here. When user clicks on the print button, they jump here and Javascript works when the timeline starts. Hide print button on the base layer, of course.  


Phil Mayor

You cannot force it to print landscape this needs user input.  You could set it in CSS to print landscape but will not work in all browsers typically IE. The date a title are typically added by the browser  in some borwsers when you print there is an option that will switch this off, but this again requires user intervention.

Instead of modifiying the report I would look at building a HTML/CSS page where you can control a lot more. Matthew Bobby has a good starting point on his  site for this.

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