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Are there any graphic designers out there, or does anyone know of a good hub for said designers, who specialize in custom Storyline characters? I have some base character models that I need all of the typical expressions and poses for. Will likely swap some of the original poses with requests for some custom content (character accessories, namely). It's 12x Front, Left, and Right expressions, equaling 36 assets and about 99 assets combined for all the Front, Left, and Right poses. Was hoping to get turnaround time and price quotes if any designers would like to reach out to me. Thanks!

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Ryan -- 

Thanks for reaching out with your question! I know there are some members of the community such as Jerson Campos and others who can create characters to suit your needs, but there are a few other options if you'd like to do it yourself. Please see the following info. or you'd also be welcome to reach out in our design-related forum, Building Better Courses:

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A Three-Step Process to Create Hand Drawn Custom Characters

Create Your Own Custom Characters for Online Training

Hope that helps, and you are welcome to share your finished product if you'd like to aid others who may be in search of a similar type of characters! :)