Custom colors capped at 30?

Jan 07, 2015

When creating custom colors, it appears one is capped at 30 colors. Adding a 31st color overwrites the first custom color. Is there any way to add more custom colors?

It may seem crazy to need more than 30 colors, but I'm working off a corporate branding guide where there are 5 main colors in the palette, and then 9 tints (90%-10%) for each of those base colors, resulting in 50 colors. These tints are used for information graphics, charts, graphs, etc. 

Although I would likely never use all of these colors in one course, I work on many courses for the company, and each course most often focuses on 1-3 colors in the palette (and the associated 9 tints of each). I also work on projects for other clients with their own color palettes.

Currently, I have to delete colors to add colors. Does anyone know a workaround or why there is a limit? 

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Eric Rohrer

Hi Wendy,

For theme colors, you are partially correct. 5 colors of varying tints are provided (some darker and some lighter - see attached). I'm actually working with a base color (100%) and 9 associated tints of that base color (90%, 80%, 70%, and so on to 10%). So, 3 things:

1. I want these colors readily available to colorize shapes and the like

2. The color palette does not accomodate 9 colors (just 5).

3. I have no control over the tints SL provides based on the base color

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